Spring lawn care is easier than ever

(BPT) – The snow has melted, flowers are beginning to bloom, and you wake to the sound of birds chirping: all signs that spring is here. Spring means time to give your lawn the TLC it needs, but most of us dread the thought of weekends spent occupied by yard work. Luckily, in 2018, getting that perfectly green grass and enviable garden does not have to be hard.

* Prevent disease and pests — Disease and pests can be stopped before they strike. At the beginning of the season, use your yard rake to remove any dead grass shoots. By removing this debris early you can prevent disease and pests while also giving your lawn sufficient time to recover.

* Simplify mowing — Cutting the grass no longer requires preparation and setup. With innovative options like the Greenworks 60-volt self-propelled lawn mower, you do not need to worry about gassing up your mower or finding the nearest outlet for the extension cord. The mower can run up to 60 minutes with a fully-charged battery, so it is ready to go when you are, and you never have to smell like gas again! The mower’s smart-cut technology adjusts the power based on the thickness of your grass, extending the run time and improving cutting performance.

* Water on time — Consistency in watering is an easy way to keep your grass green and lush. Maintain a schedule to prevent your grass from drying out and browning. Sprinklers and outdoor timers will ensure that your grass does not miss a watering session.

* Shape hedges — Anyone can create the perfect hedge shape. Now that your grass is healthy, freshly cut and weed-free, it is time to focus on the rest of your yard. Try a cordless, battery-powered product like the Greenworks 60-volt hedge trimmer. The lighter weight and strong power allow you to trim your hedges without wearing out your body. Whether your hedges are up high or running along your fence, no place is out of reach.

Spring is just beginning and now is the time to get a jump start on your lawn. To learn more about the tools that can make lawn care easier this spring, visit www.greenworkstools.com.