Staying productive and getting things done at work and on the go

(BPT) – The always on, always connected way of life has benefits and drawbacks – our to-do list never seems to stop growing while the time never seems to stop shrinking. Technology makes freedom possible, but balancing personal and professional responsibilities requires more than the ability to work from anywhere, it’s about what you are able to get done from where you are that matters.

According to a recent study conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Microsoft, 16 percent of office workers would be willing to give up caffeine in exchange for better work technology that allows them to get things done wherever they are. The study also found that 53 percent of office workers would be willing to work more hours if they could have more flexibility in their schedules or the ability to get work done outside of their office.

Jamie Hopkins from Imagination Yoga agrees and says that no matter where you are, the right technology can help you turn downtime into productive opportunity, no matter how odd the location might be.

“The strangest place I’ve been able to get work done is when I was on a houseboat in India, on a yoga pilgrimage,” says Hopkins, co-founder of Imagination Yoga. “It’s important to me to have the ability to stay connected and productive and with Office 365, I was able to pay invoices and coordinate class schedules with my team. We’re able to get work done where and when we want, whether it’s volunteering at our kids’ schools, running our errands or on the road.”

Technology tools can be helpful, or can actually be the “enemy of done.” Do they help even when you have no Wi-Fi or Internet connectivity? Do your files stay formatted no matter what device you view them on? Will your information be secure and stay private unless you choose to share it?

Ask good questions when you choose your technology tools, and follow these tips to help get things done at work and on the go:

* Save documents in the cloud. From work to home and everywhere in between, it’s important to be able to get to your documents, photos and information, wherever you are. Cloud services make sure that no matter where you go, and whatever device you have in-hand, your documents and personal settings are available from virtually anywhere.

* Be productive from your phone. The phone can be more than a personal entertainment device, whether it’s answering email in between meetings or taking a conference call from the side of the road, you can get stuff done beyond the traditional nine to five with Office 365. Access and edit documents on your Windows Phone, and if you have an iPhone or Android phone, there is now a free Office Mobile app.

* Collaborate with anyone, anytime. Whether you are online or offline, there is no barrier (like lack of Wi-Fi) to being productive. Easily create and edit documents, then once you’re connected again, all you have to do is sign in to your Microsoft account to share documents with colleagues.

* Stay organized. Ensure your notes are saved, easy to share and accessible wherever you need them by using a digital note-taking tool like OneNote. Whether at work, on the go with your phone or at your home office, your notes follow you wherever you go.

* Easily connect with colleagues from anywhere. Use Lync to have an IM session, or Yammer to network with a colleague or someone you don’t even know, to get your questions answered quickly, and if typing isn’t working, you can easily connect voice and video. Joining a meeting or feeling instantly connected to a team requires only a single click or touch on PCs and mobile devices.

In today’s constantly connected world, being able to have the flexibility and right technology to “get it done” from anywhere is key. For more information, visit

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