Summer curl care guide: How to keep the fun without the frizz

(BPT) – There are plenty of reasons that summer is the most enjoyable time of year: Longer days, warmer temps, barbecues, and, of course, beach trips. Yes, there’s plenty to love about summer, but there’s one thing to dislike – the effect heat, humidity and salt/chlorine have on your curly hair.

According to a Dove Hair study conducted in 2014, one in five women with curly hair are frustrated by their hair, and bad hair days can put a damper on the entire summer. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

To offer additional insight, celebrity stylist and Dove Hair Curl Expert Cynthia Alvarez discusses her best tips to ensure your curls remain fabulous throughout the entire summer. Her number one tip for curls is “hydration’s your friend!”

* Wash your hair at least once a week in the summer. A trip to the pool or the ocean may have you thinking you can skip washing your hair but these outings make washing your hair more important than ever. Chlorine, salt and sweat are hard on your hair so rinse immediately to prevent these chemicals from lingering too long, and shampoo as usual.

* Make a hat or scarf your new favorite accessory. “Avoid frequent exposure to direct sunlight and wear a hat,” says Alvarez. If you want to protect your curls from summer heat and humidity, add a hat or scarf to your ensemble. Hats and scarves work as a shield by blocking the sun’s rays from drying out your hair, so if you’re planning to be out in the sun all day, this is a must. Just remember to have fun with it! Your hat or scarf is more than just protection for your hair; it’s also that perfect accent to an already amazing look.

* Choose the right hair-care products. Your curly hair makes you special, and it needs a special type of care as well. Dove’s Hair Quench Absolute Collection includes shampoo, conditioner, serum and mask – everything you need for the perfect look. The shampoo, conditioner (or mask) and serum work as a 3-step system to cleanse, nourish and treat hair, providing four times more defined, natural curls. The system offers five key benefits for all curl needs, including improved manageability, quenched dryness, smoothness, strength and nourishment. Consider it your summer’s secret weapon.

* Protect your hair when going to the beach or pool. When going to the beach or pool, bring along Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum, add 1-2 pumps when needed, for well-defined hydrated curls that will look amazing all afternoon.

Summer’s hottest days don’t have to be avoided just to protect your curls. By employing Alvarez’s tips above, you’ll be able to enjoy everything summer has to offer and enjoy fabulous curly hair.

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