Summer Nights Live: 3 ways to get the most out of your summer

(BPT) – Brighter skies. Longer days. Warmer nights. As summer sets in, the time is right to make the most of every sun-kissed day and embrace each sizzling night through no-holds-barred fun and good times all season long.

From barbecues and trips to the beach, to hanging out poolside and going on bike rides, there is no shortage of activities in which to participate. Yet despite the endless possibilities summer brings, people are creatures of habit and often slip into a rut, going back, time and time again, to tried-and-true activities.

Summer should be a time to push the limits of fun with friends and family by breaking out of the comfort zone, trying new things and making 2016 a summer to remember. Make the most of the season this year with these tips.

Find new places to kick back. It’s patio season! As fun as it might be to kick back in the yard with the usual drinks, seize the energy of summer though new adventures in food and drink! There’s no better time to gather the crew, explore fresh seasonal menus at local restaurants and discover tantalizing summer drinks and fare with friends.

“Patios were invented for summer nights and are the perfect backdrop for kicking back with some craft beers or trying a new refreshing cocktail while living it up with friends,” says Mike Johnson, vice president of operations at RA Sushi, which has 27 locations across the U.S. and is launching a new craft beer menu this summer, featuring local breweries.

Go for an experience. Whether learning to water-ski at the lake a decade ago or watching an impromptu movie marathon under the stars, the fondest memories of summer usually include experiencing something new with friends or family. Have you ever painted while sampling wines or learned to roll sushi while enjoying sake? It’s time to make new memories by trying something out of the ordinary.

Celebrate every day. There are more than 90 days of summer and each deserves to be celebrated to the max. Whether it’s organizing a sushi rolling class for friends at RA Sushi on June 18 for International Sushi Day, or seizing a spontaneous moment to live it up, summer is the perfect time of year to live life to the fullest.

Summertime is pure magic and loaded with opportunities to indulge in passions, be bold, embrace the unexpected, discover new things and, most importantly, live every minute to the fullest.

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