Summer safety: 5 tips to keep your pet happy and healthy

(BPT) – Summertime allows you to spend more time outside in the sun, enjoying breezy days and a vacation state of mind. But before you get caught up reveling in all that nice weather, it’s important to keep your furry friends in mind. For curious pets, warm temperatures and increased outdoor time can be a recipe for trouble.

Maintaining a pet-friendly lifestyle and home in the summer doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. With a few simple tricks and tips, you can ensure your pet will thrive during the sunny summer months.

Your dog or cat is always there for you, now it’s time to do them a favor. Keep these tips from D&D Technologies, an award-winning lock and safety company, in mind for a happy and healthy pet:

  1. Keep head and paws inside the car. Driving down the road, you might see several cars with paws and heads sticking out the window. While most dogs love to feel the wind in their fur, it can seriously aggravate the mucous membranes and blow dust and dirt in their eyes. When your dog’s tongue is flying in the breeze, insects or other debris can enter nasal passages or the windpipe, possibly causing an emergency trip to the vet and even permanent damage.
  2. Check your pet’s collar regularly. For growing pups and kittens, be sure to monitor how quickly they grow. Check their collars at least once a week for the first year, or until they are fully grown. Not only does a too-tight collar cause excruciating pain, but it can literally grow right into your pet’s neck. To be safe, you should be able to easily fit two or three fingers between the neck and collar.
  3. Keep your yard safe. If you like to let your pets roam in your yard, make sure you take the right safety precautions. You don’t need an expensive electric fence to keep your pets protected. For fenced-in yards, use the latest technology in gate latches such as the MagnaLatch Alert Veritcal Pull. This easy-to-install latch cannot be opened by dogs and ensures your pup won’t be able to get out and lost on the street. Additionally, if the gate is left opened, the latch sounds an alarm to let you know your pets might escape. Visit http://ddtechglobal.comto learn more about pet and pool safety.
  4. Monitor time spent outside. Dogs are more likely to escape when they’ve been left alone for a long period of time, especially breeds that enjoy being active. Don’t leave your pet unattended for an extended period of time and make sure to check on him or her frequently.
  5. Limit exercise on hot days. While you might love taking your dog for a jog on a warm day, be extra careful on warmer days. Adjust the intensity and time of exercise for your pet according to the temperature. Asphalt soaks in the beating sun and can burn your pet’s paws, so walk on the grass if possible. On especially hot days, try to exercise during the morning or evening hours, especially for pets with white-colored ears, who are more prone to skin cancer, and short-nosed pets who will have more difficulty breathing.

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