Tailgate at your place with these easy party tips

(BPT) – Football season is here, and it’s the ideal time to throw a tailgate party in the comfiest and most welcoming place — in your home, in front of the TV, along with your best friends and your favorite foods.

There’s no question that football, food and friends make a great combination. At-home tailgate parties are more popular than ever, because football, food and friends make a great combination. In fact, 82 percent of football fans watch games from home and 61 percent host a game day party at home at least once a month, according to an Analytics Research Report, 2013 Football Gameday survey.

Now, thanks to TailgateAtYourPlace.com, there’s a new one-stop shop for all things tailgating — where you can find easy tips for hosting affordable and fun game-day festivities — including recipes, coupons, games and the chance to win more than $ 100,000 in prizes.

Use these tips to give guests the best seat in your house.   

Pregame strategies: prep food in advance. There’s nothing worse than spending the entire party stuck in the kitchen cooking and prepping food. Do what you can the day before: chop veggies and pre-mix ingredients, so on game day all you have to do is heat up your dishes and set everything out. 

Score extra points with party pizzas. Pick up a variety of frozen pizzas in fun flavors so there’s something for everyone, such as a Red Baron Mexican Style, a Freschetta Roasted Mushroom with Spinach and a Tony’s Meat-Trio pizza. Try recipes for unique pizza creations that are as easy as topping classic flavors, like pepperoni, with more ingredients such chopped sweet onion and green pepper, or even sliced deli meat, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and garlic ranch dressing.  

Finger food rules! Forgo fumbling with formal foods and serve easy-to-eat items that you can have ready to go, such as a make-ahead Sundried Tomato & Pesto Cheeseball with a creamy texture and bold flavors, perfect for pairing with crackers or a soft baguette. Other people pleasers could include Hummus Stuffed Mini Peppers and Colorful Pinwheel bites. And don’t forget desserts, such as Rocky Road Espresso Brownies. Check out the full recipes for these treats at TailgateAtYourPlace.com.  

Make sure the field is covered. Just as a coach makes sure everything is covered on the field, serve your food on a variety of plates, bowls and cake stands. At different heights, your food spread will look even more visually appealing. 

Congregate on your own 50-yard line. The game is the main event. For diehard fans, make sure your TV is in wide-open view, so nobody misses out on the action. Got more than one TV set? Consider putting it in the kitchen or another popular spot where guests like to congregate.

Have a halftime show. The season kicks off with gorgeous late summer and fall weather, so have footballs, horseshoes, beanbags and other tailgate games ready to go outside! Also, be sure to set out toys in a special kids zone to keep all the little rookies entertained. 

Focus on your FANS. The dishes will be there later, so enjoy your party and have fun watching the game. By planning in advance, you’ve no doubt already achieved a winning score with your guests. 

For more entertaining tips, plus recipes, games and complete sweepstake details, visit TailgateAtYourPlace.com.  

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