Take the stress out of laundry with these timesaving tips

(BPT) – Laundry doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. With these effective and efficient tricks of the trade, you’ll be able to take down laundry one load at a time. While the clothes won’t fold themselves, the experts at Faultless Starch Company are sharing advice to help ensure your laundry turns out perfectly every time.

Decode the clothing label

When you have a long list of chores, it’s easy to rush through loads of laundry in order to get to the next items on the list. But, this often results in discolored, faded or damaged garments. Many of these issues can easily be avoided by reading the clothing tag and following the proper instructions. From sorting clothes by color and texture, to using the correct amount of detergent, reading the label can help keep your favorite go-to pieces looking fresh.

Prevent Fading

After you’ve read the instructions and sorted your clothes by color and fabric, prep your clothes to prevent further problems. Remember to always wash clothes inside out to preserve colors — this is especially important for dark clothes, like jeans. To keep your bright colored fabrics from fading, try tossing one cup of salt into the washing machine with your load. For whites, add one cup of white vinegar to a load during the rinse cycle. As a bonus, the vinegar acts like a natural fabric softener.

Troubleshoot tough stains

The key to successful stain removal is to fight back before it sets in. From vinegar and table salt to club soda and lemon juice, many stains can be eliminated using basic household products. No two stains are created equal, so identify what type of stain you’re dealing with first.

While coffee and tea stains require cold water and sponge treatment, pesky red wine spills require a little more effort. First, soak in enzyme pre-soak using the hottest water safe for the fabric. After laundering, if the stain still exists, try covering the spot with table salt and let it set for a few minutes. Then, rub vigorously with half a lemon and run through the laundry as you normally would. Perspiration stains should be treated as soon as possible using warm water and detergent before washing. If colors have changed, it’s possible to restore them by sponging fresh stains with ammonia or vinegar and rising with water and then launder with hot water.

Try do-it-yourself dryer balls

When drying towels or bedding, ditch the standard dryer sheets in favor of tennis balls. Using one or two tennis balls as dryer balls helps evenly circulate air in the dryer to keep fabrics soft and reducing the dry time. Plus, tennis balls are long lasting — eliminating waste and expense.

Keep your clothes looking their best

Help your outfits live up to their stylish expectations by keeping them freshly ironed. It’s not only an easy way to elevate your outfit and extend the life of your clothes, but also will help you save money when compared to taking clothes to a professional dry cleaner. Before you begin pressing, set the iron to the correct temperature. You can find this information on the tag. Whether you’re wearing shirts, slacks, skirts or dresses, make them look extra sharp by using Faultless Premium Spray Starch. Spray starch will keep clothes crisp by helping create a smooth finish and sharp creases.

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