Tech tricks: 5 digital improvements helping millennials reach life goals

(BPT) – As innovation and technology drive our world forward, millennial consumers expect seamless experiences more-so than their older peers. This desire is motivating businesses to make processes and experiences more efficient through digital tools so they can ultimately meet the expectations of their customers.

Becoming adults in a world dependent on smartphones, social media and search engines, young people gravitate to instant and accessible information to manage their daily lives, whether it is at work or on a personal level.

“Technology is essentially baked into every millennial’s DNA,” explains a recent Nielsen report. “Given their fluency and comfort with technology, millennials have more of a positive view of how it is affecting their lives than any other generation. More than 74 percent feel new technology makes their lives easier.”

Fortunately, technology continues to evolve to meet the expectations of young consumers. Here are five examples of how advancements in technology are efficiently helping millennials reach important life milestones.

  • Online degrees. In the past, prospective students who couldn’t physically attend on-site college classes were out of luck. Now, the number of schools offering online degrees and certifications is staggering, with 5.8 million U.S. students (28 percent of higher-ed students nationwide) taking online classes in 2016 alone, according to the Online Learning Consortium.
  • Lightning-fast mortgages. Financial institutions understand millennials don’t have time to waste once they’ve found the home of their dreams. Bank of America recently launched the Digital Mortgage Experience, which seamlessly guides consumers through the mortgage process. In many cases, customers may only have to invest 15 minutes before learning whether they are approved for a loan within the same day.
  • Digital job sites. Previous generations used newspaper ads and hand-typed cover letters to find and apply for jobs. Now, invaluable tools such as, and automatically sift through jobs fitting your skills and preferences, alerting you to close matches, then forwarding your resume on command.
  • Digital savings tools. Millennials use apps for just about anything you can think of including as handy tools that help them save money. Popular choices include Chime, Clarity Money or Digit, which reviews each user’s payment history and spending habits before devising ways for him to stash away money.
  • Informed and efficient travel. Studies show millennials highly value life experiences, and as such they’re making travel a priority in their lives. Conveniently, Instagram and other social channels let users follow global travel trends in real time, and search engines instantly identify the most cost-effective options. Mobile apps can be used for room service and itinerary planning, digital assistants are being installed as hotel room concierges and facial recognition is getting you through airport lines faster.

In this advanced digital age, there’s no need to settle for old-school ways that could slow you down and keep you from achieving your goals. Visit Bank of America for more details about quickly and easily securing a customized home mortgage on demand via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.