The jet-set style gives women a fresh look this summer

(BPT) – The jet-set look is about glamor, glitz, fashion and, of course, travel. It’s the look designers are showcasing this summer to give women the feeling they’re living the relaxed and luxurious lifestyle of Cannes, St. Tropez, Capri or Palm Springs.

With just a little style know-how, women can easily achieve this fresh and sun-kissed look inspired by the fashions of the 1950s and ‘60s.

“Women will love the jet-set style this season, because the clean and classic lines evoke a little bit of the Kennedy era, while also allowing women to individualize their style to show off more of their personality,” says Janette Ewen, style expert for Pandora, an international jeweler with retail locations across North America.

Imagine yourself as one of the golden era Hollywood beauties like Elizabeth Taylor or Brigitte Bardot as you develop your own jet-set style with these tips from Ewen:

* Colors – The iconic jet-set look blends basic black and white with bright colors and bold Pucci-inspired prints. Maxi dresses with light-weight flowing fabrics present you with a very relaxed wardrobe with an elegant flare. The top color choices for maxi dresses are emerald green, turquoise, blue and fuchsia.

* Lines – Clean and classic are perfect to accomplish a jet-set look. A striped boat-neck top paired with crisp pants and a pop of bold color from a neck scarf is perfect for a walk on the beach or a visit to the country club. Consider incorporating colorful leather or fabric cord bracelets from Pandora to add variety to your look.

* Jewelry – The more the better! Layer it on, and be sure to accentuate your glowing skin with gold and silver. Need some inspiration? The Pandora jewelry collection includes stackable rings, interchangeable earrings and bracelets in sterling silver, 14k gold, leather and colored fabrics. Embrace your individuality with romantic and feminine pieces that capture your unique style.

* Skin and hair – A sun-kissed look is important for pulling off a jet-set style. Give your hair some glow with a spray-in lightener, and add some color to your skin with a moisturizer that has a self tanner and an SPF of at least 30. When styling your hair, avoid anything that is overdone or slick. Instead opt for loose, beachy waves or a soft side plait.

* Makeup – Lighter is better to keep your face looking fresh, especially while out in the heat this summer. Try a few coats of waterproof mascara and a soft red lip gloss, and hold off on using any foundations or powders until winter returns.

* Top it off – A light hat like the classic fedora will help keep your hair in place, and a pair of chic tortoiseshell sunglasses will finalize your jet-set look. “The darker the better,” adds Ewen. “Because you never know when the paparazzi might be around the corner.”

Whether traveling to exotic locales or enjoying the warmer months closer to home, the classic jet-set look will keep your style fresh all summer long.

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