The man cave: Give Dad a space all his own

(BPT) – Man cave, manspace, manctuary … whatever he calls it, it’s Dad’s special place away from the rest of the house. This Father’s Day, give Dad the ultimate gift and make him his own man cave. It’s easier than you think, and a thoughtful gift that says to Dad, “I love you, and you can run away from us now.”

Step 1: Identify the space
The optimal man cave is secluded, has a lockable door and is 100 percent Dad’s to own and decorate. Examples include garages, basements, dens, attics or for the bookish types, studies. When locating Dad’s man cave, consider this – it’s his to own, decorate, use and entertain in however he chooses. He will clean it (or not) how he sees fit … although you can encourage him with a heavy-duty vacuum, like the RIDGID Wet/Dry Vac.

Step 2: Clear it out and outfit it
Dad needs a blank canvas to create his masterpiece. Clear out all the boxes, industrial-size cleaning and paper products and any other knick-knacks you’ve stored there. Locate the focal point of the room and think about what he’ll put there. For sports-loving dads and his friends, this will probably be a big screen TV. For the DIYer and builder, it’s where his workbench goes.

* Paint it. A fresh coat of paint does wonders. In one glance, it can tell you that you’ve entered the “man room.” BEHR paint experts recommend dark blues, greens or reds for a man cave, with accents of charcoal blacks or chocolate brown.

* No matter the dad, you’ll want to set him up with durable storage options that can handle anything from power tools to whiskey stones, like a Husky 9-drawer Mobile Work Center, $ 249 or the Husky 48 inch Floor Cabinet, $ 379. It’ll also withstand every day wear and tear and look great years from now.

* Does Dad like giant TVs? Don’t run the risk of having it crash to the ground. Get a mounting kit, like the Level Mount Adjustable Fixed Mount, $ 47.99. If you’ve got questions on how to install, ask an associate when you’re picking it up.

Step 3: Stock it
Next, fill ‘er up with goodies to keep him busy for days. Whether these gifts are for his projects or just for relaxing, Dad deserves ultimate setup.

* If Dad likes to entertain or just stay refreshed while working, an ice maker and mini fridge will keep him from having to leave his new favorite place. Check out the Magic Chef 27-lb Portable Ice Maker ($ 199) and the SPT Mini Refrigerator, $ 169.

* Dad like toys? Hook him up with the latest innovation in power tools – lithium ion batteries. They hold their charge four times longer than traditional ni-cad batteries. For newbies, the Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill and Impact Driver Combo kit or the Ryobi ONE + Ultimate Combo Kits are both great choices to get Dad drilling. For the fully-stocked DIYer, try the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 18-Gauge Cordless 2 inch Brad Nailer. If it’s hand tools he’s after, you can get lifetime-guaranteed Husky 7-Piece Ratcheting Mobile Wrench Set.

* Give him something cool to show off with his friends. Check out the Defiant AmorMax 3D Tactical Flashlight, $ 29.97, which can shine the length of three football fields and work even while submerged in 30 feet of water; a Kerogrator Beer Keg Fridge, $ 499 or an LED headlamp like the Defiant 7 LED Headlamp, $ 17.97 (you’ll be shocked at the uses he’ll find for this).

* Let him choose his own adventure with new Project Cards from The Home Depot – load it up with the amount needed for Dad’s next project and he can track the balance with no fees. If you’re helping Dad, you can also be added to the account to use the card when you run out for supplies.

Step 4: Break it in
Every new space needs a housewarming party, including caves. Invite the guys over and encourage Dad to show off his man cave’s sweet style.  Put together tubs of soda, beer and water, order the wings, arrange easy table snacks like chips and salsa, and let them have at it. Cheers to this mancutary.

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