The secret ingredient to unforgettable holiday get-togethers

As holidays line up and families draw together, the age-old question is how to make these special gatherings unforgettable for all. The answer is so simple, we often don’t realize how truly powerful it is: food.

With almost magical attraction, food creates treasured family moments around tables laden with everything from festive nibbles to traditional sit-down feasts. The aromas, favorite flavors, and memories of precious time shared together – these are the gifts that family members cherish long after, all thanks to delicious food.

The Wisconsin Cheeseman has 65 years of helping special holiday moments happen for families around the country with a wide range of food gifts and they’re happy to share some handy tips.

Much like chocolate or wine, there’s a cheese to suit practically any taste. Plus, cheese can find a delicious place in every meal and moment of the day. Try savory shredded cheddar or buttery Swiss cheeses on toast or in muffins, quiches, omelets and souffles. Pair the earthiness of blue or diced brie cheeses with refreshing salads, or add slices of nutty Gouda to hearty sandwiches.

Merry munching breaks can pair up mild Colby or brick with texture-rich nuts, breads, crackers and honey, or by themselves. Just remember to take these natural ripened cheeses out of the refrigerator an hour before serving, to allow their full flavors and aromas develop. Dinnertime is a great opportunity for semi-soft cheeses like havarti, Muenster and Monterey Jack to warm up casseroles, hearty soups, meat dishes and green vegetables. Note that shredding the cheese helps it melt quickly and evenly when cooking. For unique desserts, offer a mellow Swiss cheese next to rich chocolate or a creamy provolone with refreshing apples and pears.

Of course, what would the holidays be without the most scrumptious treats? Placing delectable morsels in unusual places keeps the holiday energy delightfully unexpected and magical. A tray of peppermint bark on a mantelpiece or a platter of luscious english butter toffee next to a bookshelf creates cozy corners where memorable moments happen.

Food truly holds a place of importance during the holidays. For those who can’t be together, gifts of food sent through the mail are a wonderful way to reach out and reconnect. Even small food gifts that family members can take with them after their visit do so much to strengthen those ties.

Start-to-finish satisfaction has always been a hallmark of The Wisconsin Cheeseman. When you want to show family and friends how much you care, The Wisconsin Cheeseman can help you exceed expectations in every detail.

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