Three ways to bring added entertainment to your outdoor experiences

(BPT) – There’s a reason it’s called the “great” outdoors. Nothing can quite compare with the beauty and majesty of wild places. When summer rolls around, the urge to explore grows for many people, inspiring millions of travelers to camp, hike and tour the country’s natural wonders. Modern outdoor enthusiasts have discovered that technology makes it even more fun to spend time in off-the-beaten-track locations.

The days of canvas tents and campsite boredom are long gone, thanks to tech innovations that are changing the face of outdoor experiences. For example, have you ever wanted to watch a little TV while out on the boat or at the campsite? Maybe kick back with some s’mores and a movie? Today, you truly can do it – and you’ll get much more than you ever expected.

There are a few ways to bring your favorite programs and movies with you into the outdoors, covering a range in terms of both what you can do with them and where you can use them. These are the key choices to consider before you pack up for your next outdoor adventure:

* Good: A TV or computer with a DVD player is one way to get the movies you want, as well as some TV shows (provided they’re out on DVD). If you don’t mind a limited selection and have the storage capacity to bring along all the titles you or the kids might want, it’s a solid, basic option.

* Better: Being able to pick up free local channels gives you access to the network programs such as The Big Bang Theory, NCIS and The Voice, plus local news that will keep you up to date on regional happenings and the all-important weather forecast. But you’ll need the right antenna. The RAYZAR Amped HD antenna from Winegard Co. has the strength to pull signals from 50 miles away. Even if you’re deep in the wilderness, you can still get news, entertainment and a great picture. It’s easy to set up, portable and is designed for use indoors only – perfect for RVs, boats and campers.

* Best: For the ultimate range in entertainment, a satellite TV antenna is the optimal choice. The CarryOut Anser, also made by Winegard, works with both DISH and DirecTV subscriptions, giving you access to a vast array of programming such as Duck Dynasty, Sports Center and more. With this system you can either use your satellite receiver from home or get DISH pay as you go programming and pay for only 30 days of programming at a time with no contracts or subscriptions. The portable antenna sets up outdoors quickly and can be used on multiple TVs at once, so everyone can enjoy different shows and movies at the same time.

For the ultimate in outdoor fun, whether you’re camping, traveling, boating or tailgating, don’t count technology out of the equation. With the convenience and fun that these outdoor TV-watching options can offer, they might just be the must-haves on your packing list for years to come. For more information, go to

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