True beauty radiates from within: bone up on bone health

(BPT) – Reducing wrinkles, moisturizing, dyeing, plumping, nipping and tucking. When it comes to combating the outer signs of aging, women have been searching for the fountain of youth since the beginning of time. But with all the time spent focusing on aging on the outside, many women are overlooking the foundation of beauty – bone health.

Bayer HealthCare, the makers of calcium supplement Citracal, has partnered with beauty icon and author Dayle Haddon, who has been a leading voice in redefining the concepts of true beauty at every age, to launch Beauty is Bone Deep. The national campaign encourages women to focus on inner strength (physical and emotional) as the foundation of beauty as they age and consider adding calcium supplement Citracal to their daily age-defying health and beauty routine to support bone health.

In a recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Bayer HealthCare only 19 percent of women 40 and older could accurately identify how many milligrams of calcium are recommended for their age category each day, yet 75 percent of women believe they are frequently getting the recommended amount of calcium with their current diet. The truth is nine out of 10 women older than 50 are not getting enough calcium from food alone.

“I’ve had more than 35 years of modeling experience so I know firsthand how much emphasis can be put on outer beauty. But as we age, far too many women are ignoring what’s happening on the inside of their bodies” says Haddon. “That’s why I’m proud to be teaming up with Citracal on Beauty is Bone Deep to help spread the word about the importance of women including a calcium supplement in their health and beauty routine.”

Haddon, who is also founder of WomenOne, a non-profit focused on the global education of girls and women, counsels women that true beauty radiates from a deep, inner place. Here she shares a few of her age-defying Beauty is Bone Deep secrets:

* Look your best. Present your true self by taking care of the outside. Looking your best is looking like you feel good- and feeling like you look good. The easiest way to improve your appearance and one of my favorite “beauty secrets” is improving your posture. In fact, in a recent survey of women 40 and older, nearly all women (99 percent said they believe that good posture is important to aging well. Simply standing up straight can make it seem like you’ve taken a good 10 years off your age and five pounds off your body. While women can lose up to one half an inch of height each decade – totaling two to three inches between ages 30 and 70 – 42 percent didn’t recognize that losing height may signal serious health issues, like osteoporosis. I want women to know that moderate lifelong exercise can actually help cut their height loss in half.

* Honor your body. There’s no reason that most of us can’t have a strong, healthy body as we age. The quality of life ahead of us depends on how we take care of our body today. It’s essential to eat well, support your bone health, keep moving and get enough rest.

* Nurture your spirit. Take time for yourself and develop your inner life. It’s important to put aside time to make an inner connection with ourselves. Find your own moments of calm and make that time a precious part of your everyday life. Whether it’s meditation, doing something you’re passionate about or taking a relaxing bath, focus on what makes you happy.

* Discover your wisdom. Aging means we’ve had the chance to accumulate many experiences. Whether joy or sadness, embrace your wisdom and cherish it.

* Stay connected. Our links to family, friends and the community are important for our overall sense of well-being since they give us the opportunity to be ourselves. I believe staying connected can add years to our lives.

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