Why DIY? Projects can pay you back big time

(BPT) – Hiring professionals to get jobs done around the house may be convenient, but it can set your budget back quite a bit. Instead, consider doing it yourself – not only to save big bucks but also to showcase your creativity. Do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement is a major trend that will pay you back many times over.

Mind-healthy hobby

DIYing is a hobby that many find relaxing, and can be good for the mind, body and soul. For an enjoyable diversion in your spare time, consider reinventing items around the house for a DIY project that you and the whole family can appreciate. Have an old dresser that could use a bit of TLC? Add a coat of paint in your favorite color and updated hardware to make it look brand new. The once impressive chair that your parents passed down may also be in need of a makeover – find a fabulous fabric that matches your design style and use it to reupholster the seat for a fresh look. These projects will not only look good, but will provide a great sense of accomplishment every time you look at them.

Win cash from contests

To give homeowners the encouragement to turn their Pinterest board inspiration into a reality, FrogTape brand painter’s tape invites DIYers to submit their painting projects for the fifth annual Earn Your Stripes room makeover contest. The most impressive DIY painting project will win a $ 5,000 grand prize, while second place collects $ 2,500, and third place earns $ 1,000. To enter, document the before, during and after process using a FrogTape product and enter by July 1. Entrants can be as creative as they please with their full room transformations by painting walls, floors, accessories, furniture and more. To enter and see the official rules, visit frogtape.com/earnyourstripes. The prize money could do more than just reward and acknowledge your hard work – you can invest it in your next DIY project.

Saving money

By upcycling items instead of buying brand new, you can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. In addition, perusing through thrift shops can reveal hidden houseware gems with high potential. Adding your special, creative touch to these items will make them one-of-kind.

Some home improvement tasks on your checklist may also be more feasible to DIY than you think. Those closet shelves you’ve been pondering or that patio flower garden you’ve dreamed of can come to fruition in just a weekend; with a little research and the right supplies. However, for the more technical work such as plumbing, structural and electrical work, you may want to enlist a professional for the job.

Make money

As social media has surged in popularity over the last 10 years, so have independent businesses. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook all provide a platform for self-promotion and many DIYers have used this to their advantage to display their projects for sale. In addition to selling via social media, many opt to sell on websites such as Etsy or Ebay. These websites provide a win-win situation for both the consumer and the DIYer, as the buyer can often request custom items for special occasions typically unavailable at retail stores. Plus, the seller is able to earn cash based solely on their crafting talents.

DIYers can also expand their business and increase profit by creating a blog with tutorials on how they completed certain projects. It takes a lot of passion and patience, but if the website garners a sizable audience, bloggers can make a living from advertising and sponsorships on their site. Bloggers may also have the opportunity to partner with a corporation to use their product in various posts in exchange for compensation.

There are infinite reasons to venture down the DIY path. In addition to cost savings and the rewarding satisfaction of creating pieces on your own, there’s always potential to turn your passion into profit. For more inspiration, visit frogtape.com.

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