Your dog’s good looks start from the inside out

Let’s face it – when it comes to a dog’s looks, people often think that theirs is the most gorgeous they’ve ever seen. They hold their head high on walks around the block, and think no dog at the park stands a chance against their pooch’s appearance.

But constant grooming and doggie outfits can only go so far – real beauty lies in a dog’s overall health. After all, inner health equates to real outer beauty.

Following are a few tips to help your dog look and feel his best to help bring out his inner beauty:

1. Stay active – When you’re on-the-go, it’s easy to neglect your dog’s exercise regimen. On days when you’re dashing out to make it to the office in time for a 9 a.m. meeting, oftentimes your morning walk leads you to the closest tree and back again. It’s no surprise that when you have guests over, they comment about Fido’s rounder belly. Set your alarm a few minutes early so your dog can get the activity he needs to keep the weight off and keep his healthy figure.

2. Clean your canine’s canines – Like you, your pooch may not love getting his teeth cleaned, but it’s certainly not a step you want to overlook. It’s important to keep an eye on your dog’s teeth, as oral health issues can be both a symptom and cause for other health problems, including heart disease. Not only do your dog’s pearly whites enhance its smile, good oral care can help prevent health issues too.

3. Give ’em some lovin’ – Although you think your dog may be the best, does he know that? Giving your dog extra cuddle time and pats on the back can help enhance your dog’s mood. How you act toward him will only help boost his confidence in your relationship, as well as his connections with other humans and dogs around him.

4. Eat right, look great – You may realize that selecting foods with natural, nutritious ingredients can make all the difference for your dog’s health. However, for a difference you can see, choose a dog food with high-quality natural ingredients, fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients, like Nutro Natural Choice dog food, that target specific needs of your pet. Benefits include a healthier skin and coat, healthy joints to help enable range of motion (especially important when your dog shows off his tricks at the park), great digestibility (for easy clean-up) and keeping your dog lean.

Although it may be fun to keep up with the latest fashions and looks for your pet, don’t forget to keep an eye on his health. When all is said and done, you’ll be happy you focused on the benefits that keep your dog looking great and feeling great as well. For more information on the visible difference provided by Nutro Natural Choice dog food visit