Your summertime packing guide: just the essentials

(BPT) – For many, summer trips are the perfect escape from an otherwise busy life. They offer the opportunity to experience new places, taste new foods and generally de-stress! This summer, don’t get bogged down by the thought of preparing for a trip. Keep it simple by packing everything you need and nothing you don’t using these five quick tips.

1. Create a list. Tend to over-pack? Making a checklist in advance will ensure you pack only the essentials and don’t throw in last-minute unnecessary items. Extra tip: coordinate with your travel buddies to share toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo.

2. Pack light. Leave the full-sized body wash, three jackets and seven pairs of shoes at home. In fact, no matter the length of your trip, you only need three pairs of shoes. For a summer vacation, pack sandals, sneakers and a dressy pair.

3. Make your phone your friend. Having a good phone plan means your map, tour guide, translator and Internet are all in your pocket, so don’t let your cellphone service limit your travel plans. Total Wireless is making wireless services simple again by offering plans that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. For $ 35 per month, Total Wireless gives you unlimited talk and text and 2.5 GB of data on America’s largest and most dependable network – no contract required.

4. Leave the toy room at home. When traveling with young children, it’s easy to want to pack every book, toy, teddy and blanket. Leave all that gear at home and just bring one or two new books or a favorite toy. Or better yet, update your tablet or phone with kid-friendly apps for them and bestselling books for you!

5. Repurpose your wardrobe. Choose staple clothing items such as jeans, tanks and scarves that you can repurpose with different outfits throughout your trip. Bonus tip: pick garments of the same color family. This way all of your clothes mix and match together, without over-packing.

You’ve worked all year for the chance to take an amazing summer trip. Don’t waste it. Incorporate these packing tips for a vacation you’ll remember all year long. To learn more about the contract-free options available from Total Wireless, visit

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